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From the Butchering Spanish Department.

It appears that the Texas GOP outreach program has hit a small bump in the road. Apparently their Spanish is worse than mine.
How do you say "oops" in Spanish?

According to some analysts, the answer can be found in a push card the Republican Party has been sending Hispanic voters.

The piece, translated quite literally from English into Spanish, is riddled with awkward phrases, grammatical mistakes, and inaccurate word choices, say several translators and Spanish language specialists.

At least five specialists contacted by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, however, said there were several problems. For example, the speaker of the Texas House is referred to as the "portavoz" which translates to spokesman. Specialists say the correct way to describe the speaker is the president, or "presidente," of the chamber.

The translators also pointed to improper subject-verb agreement in some cases, and a rash of awkward phraseology.

"You can tell this document is translated. Sometimes when you translate you don't have the meaning," said Leticia Rodriguez of Dos Amigas Translations in Fort Worth. "You lose the flow, the meaning."

The phrase used for "held office," for example, comes out sounding like "hold up" or "support" office. In a reworded translation, Rodriguez changed it to the Spanish phrase for "occupying" elective office.

Pedro Gutierrez, chairman of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at the University of Houston and a native of Spain, said he would give a student about a 75 out of 100 if it were turned in for a grade.

And before I gave up on the language after two years, I managed to get an 84 overall.
This piece appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, but was so popular it got play in the Boston Globe. And the peanut gallery is having fun with this one.

If anyone living in Texas has a copy of this, (note to self: increase readership to beyond eight) can you send me the text of it?
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