Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Micah Ian Wright's Personal Propaganda...

I mentioned him once in 2002 because he makes brilliant anti-war posters in style with the 40s WWII posters. They got collected into a collection called the Propaganda Remix Project.

Micah Ian Wright was an Army Ranger who is disgusted by the Bush Administration who had been using fear and duplicity in putting us in a war which is still causing damage in Iraq to this day.

The only thing wrong here is that Wright was never an Army Ranger. Lied to us about all of it. Published that lie into his poster books, and until recently on his website.

Richard Lieby, who had written the original feature on Wright wrote the followup Reliable Sources piece after investigating a tip from a Army Ranger who could not remember Wright ever being a member.

It is a damn same, because he is a talented artist who destroyed his credibility, and possibly his career.
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