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Washington Post: Backers of the ambitious plan to build a private university outside Denver that would focus on the former president's economic and diplomatic principles asked the Colorado legislature this week to endorse the idea. With a 200-acre campus site donated by a prominent Colorado Republican, the plans call for construction to begin next year and a student body of 10,000 to be in classes before the end of the decade.

"We have worked with an architect, and we think we're looking at an $850 million construction budget," said Terry Walker, a former professor and administrator at the University of Louisiana who is serving as founding president of the proposed school. "We are planning for a full-scale university, with a law school, business school and a graduate school of foreign affairs and public policy. We also want a performing arts school, to reflect the president's long movie career."

Classes include ecomonic theory..."How to borrow your way to prosperity"...astrophysics..."Star Wars: It's not just a movie"...Foreign policy..."Evil Warlords, Dictators, and Terrorists: Why we should support them, with special week -- Why America Loves Saddam Hussein." Drama..."How not to be upstaged by a chimp!"


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Apr. 28th, 2004 07:36 pm (UTC)
I think Terry Walker's making it up.
I mean, if Walker's just a con-man here, trying to make something out of nothing, he's going about it in a tried-and-true fashion. He's extracted a promise of land from one donor, but other than that, there's no evidence that "Ronald Reagan University" exists anywhere besides in his own head, and in an incorporation document he's filed in Colorado. He's flimflammed a Colorado legislative committee into expressing its support, and he's turning that into a bunch of newspaper articles, all of which he can use to convince others that his plan is somehow real.

I emailed the Post ombudsman this morning, asking if the Post had a second source to verify the existence of Ronald Reagan U. Haven't heard back yet.

But the Rocky Mountain News article says some different things from the WaPo article.
Apr. 28th, 2004 08:17 pm (UTC)
Re: I think Terry Walker's making it up.
Damn... I wish I had thought of it... It's almost the perfect con. If there's anything that rakes in the money from sycophants, it's fawning tributes to Ronald Reagan, or nowadays George W. Bush. In addition to those people, you get donations from everyone who think higher-ed is a indoctrination ground for a new generation of Marxists-Leninists. (I've actually seen people [on the web, of course] refer them as the "Big Education" cabal...) But there are such schools out there...Patrick Henry College some ways away comes to mind.. as well as Regent University. (Owned by either Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell... I forget which. The other one owns Liberty University.)

But if she is a con, she's a brilliant con. I think I shall start soliciting funds for "George W. Bush University".
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