Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Not only the lowly have telephone problems...

Not going into detail with my personal grievances with AT&T and AT&T Wireless (it's a long sordid affair which involves the aftermath of a deceptive harlot who bamboozled close family members [the only thing not AT&T's fault], and dealings with AT&T -- a company that somehow has managed to remain in business while repeatly losing, miscatagorizing, or doing various stupid things with sent payments, as well as doing everything in their power to weasel out of or perform as little of whatever contractual obligations they legally bound to provide.), but it's a odd coincidence to read on the same day as I obliquely knock around AT&T that Mark Evanier has issues with his phone company, SBC. However, AT&T is still the worse company. SBC just seems to be incompetent. AT&T is outright crooked.
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