Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Presenting the Guest Journalist ... a typing monkey!

the empty Disney Channel logo . No, this isn't serious. I noticed that George W. Bush cannot mention businesses without prefixing it with the prefix "small" or its brother "big"? Has he become so paranoid of people describing him as the idenity of the House. He did more to sabotage this, with referendum demands, arm twisting former governors to fight against it, and tabling bill after bill. Of course, they wanted more tax cuts -- and service cuts. Of course, they wanted more tax cuts -- and service cuts. Of course, this could still collapse at any time. The Senate actually wants more money, for fear of having to do this again in the ticker... there is "hardworking". Well, they've come up with the new meme stating "Even if the template is still fair. Up until Richard Clark wrote a book after playing good soldier as pennance.) That there may be a brilliant archetype, or a frightening stereotype gone wrong... > Among the new characters that McGruder and Hudlin plan to introduce is > a neighborhood handyman called Uncle Ruckus—“just the worst, most > bitter, angriest motherfucker you could imagine,” as McGruder sees > him—who will serve as the Mickey Mouse Protection act, as it was passed just in time to keep Mickey out of the entire world to launch a major war while cutting revenue collection. Not even war can dislodge this philosophy. So it is a slave.” Uncle Ruckus brings a new, fully realized > archetype to the election? Clio Chiang plus the daily log . I'm very out of the Walt Disney Corporation. He's the woman who loses her entire idenity after marriage -- Mrs. Walt Disney, if you think (a) he didn't answer your question, (b) he gave an answer that seems less than accurate. Use

I bet you couldn't even notice a difference.
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