Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

"He's Tanned, He's Rested, and He's Ready to..." What do you mean he's going back on vacation?!!!

Sometimes I need a history lesson. When the world was going to hell last weekend, I made a crack that when the going gets tough, Bush gets going... to Crawford. I didn't remember the precedent he had for this. I forgot that the PDB that that talked of such a clatter in the intellegence about "attacks" and "airplanes" and "buildings" in the "United States" being desired by "Bin Laden" came at an inopportune time -- while Bush was getting ready for his long summer's nap. At that point in time, we all mocked that Bush was incredibly lazy... he had spent 40% of his presidency so far on vacation.

Anyway, the past is past. We just have to know we have more resolve now. We won't be caught napping while trouble is brewing. The President is setting an example for all of us by... um... fishing at Crawford.

But, but at least now he's only spending... um... 40% of his presidency on vacation...

(it's like God is trying to prove his existance through dark humor...)
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