Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Help for our *starstruck* press corps...

I'm now convinced Bob Somerby is right about the press and the pundit corp -- though I still like to separate the two. They behave like high school girls, more interested in gossip, and prone to petty rages and jealousies. Also, like some students in high school, they like to do the least amount of work possible. If there is a template available, they're fill that out and file the story, without bothering to determine if the template is still fair. Up until Richard Clark wrote a book, the press was very deferential to George W. Bush. That deference was on display the last time Bush held a prime time press conference, and the reporters were too awe-struck to ask any intelligent questions. Though the press has gotten some sort of bite back this month, the deference is starting to return -- particularly with the new meme stating "Even if the PDB of August was acted upon, the kamikaze attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon" would not have been prevented. I don't completely buy that particular exercise in alternate histories. Anyway, tonight the president is going to try to gain control of this story and the Iraq story with a prime time press conference. And the press will need all the help it can get.
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