Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Indecent at Clear Channel?

I read an interesting post sent to the TV Barn mailing list about radio
censorship lack of standards. Note that Clear Channel is the company
that subsequently dropped Howard Stern from its stations after being
fined by an FCC trying to prove its manliness after Bono said something
was (we're all adults here, I presume) "fucking brilliant" and Janet
Jackson taught America that women have breasts.

>I noticed a New York radio station played The Who's "Who Are You" last week
>(during the daytime), the unedited version, which contains the f word
>twice. Since that word is now clearly actionable, I emailed the music
>director and asked if they were concerned about being fined by the FCC. He
>was nice enough to write back, basically saying that they would not censor
>any song that they played for years without incident. Precedent and
>artistic freedom would be their defense.
>This is a Clear Channel (zero-tolerance) station by the way.
>Crazy times.

* Sterling via email.
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