Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

A few days ago, I praised Kaus... I won't be doing that again in a while...

There's now an East Coast-West Coast shoutdown between mad-dawg lib Marshall of the DC blawg crew and neo-neo lib Kaus doing his LA shoutdown for the Redmond crew in the Slate house. The fisticuffs come about from the April Fool shoutout by the WashPo, where the spoken word was that the real fool was Condi R. Before the Towers got Coup'd, Condi would be presentin' why the next big threat would be a space attack.

Now the thing is, unless you're all bluster and/or high, you don't be taken on someone bigger and badder than you head on. That's the gist of what mad-dawg had to say. But when neo-neo lib resampled his riff for a comeback, he must have suffered some type of feedback distortion, missampling the lyrics 'Al Qaeda' into Marshall's beat.

Of course, Marshall doesn't need a small time mixmaster standing up for him (Though in the course of trying to hip-hop-ify this post, TPM goes down. That should be a lesson for me, slang isn't worth the effort when you're writing.), but I try anyhow.
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