Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

This is not a 'blog'...

I had a New Year's resolution to never use the new faddish internet term which I have dubbed 'blargh'. Yes, it may appear that I do run one myself... a semi-frequently updated site mostly of text. My thoughts and links to things I find interesting, and on some rare occasions, crudely drawn pictures I've made and uploaded. Print it in reverse chronological order, and as long as I keep paying the gatekeepers (if anyone would like to give me the gift of a permanent account here, if they ever sell them again, I'd gladly accept), serve out RSS and ATOMZ feeds and ping places like, this place will probably be labeled a 'blargh' by any and everyone who say such things.

But it's a amazingly unnecessary word. If you ask 20 people to describe a weblog, you'll likely get 20 different answers. Why? There's not really much more that distinguishes a weblog from other personal websites that aren't a function of the software used. (And if I use that definition, I exclude blargh-like features like daily internet columns like what Howie Kurtz and Eric Alterman do daily. And if I blarghs to one-man opinion columns, I exclude things like Arts and Letters who just go about finding neat stories without really opining one way or another, or the people who vent about their day or chronicle the way they try to achieve a goal. And there are a lot of sites I do not mean to exclude, but I have because my examples fit into a certain niche. There are may other sites that someone else sees defines blargh better which I cannot argue otherwise.

Saying I live in the blarghosphere is like saying I'm living inside a gated community, and that segregates and alienates me from my readers who can and I wish would come right on in and do this, too, but in his or her own way, to present something as he or she sees fit.

So for those reasons, as stated much better here (yes, he inspired this post today, though I've been looking for a way to say it ever since I seen the word 'blogosphere' used self-importantly), I do not blargh. I rant on a website, yes. This is not a blargh. This is a website. Like lots of others. No better. Probably worse.
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