November 16th, 2009

No We Can't!

"I look at the GOP saying 'we can't' insure more because it's 'too hard' & 'we can't' try [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] et al in NYC because it's 'too dangerous' and I think: 'When did the US become the home of the timid and the weak? When did we become a nation of trembling scared old men?'

Not to get too jinogisitic, but this is the fucking USA! We do the fucking impossible. WE WALKED ON THE FUCKING MOON! There is nothing we can't do, from being brave enough and confident enough in the Constitution to put KSM et al on trial in the same city he tried to destroy, to making sure everyone in this country has access to affordable health care.

The GOP says we can't? Hey GOP! FUCK YOU! THIS IS THE US! WE CAN FUCKING DO IT AND NOT MISS LUNCH! Goddamned buncha fucking wussies crying for mommy. Go back home if you can't cowboy or cowgirl up and get the job done. I did not freeze my ass off in North-Fucking-Dakota because we can't.

That's why "Yes, We Can" resonates with me. That's what this country is about. Even when we've fucked it all up, it was "Yes, We Can". Whether it's Obama, or anyone else...the first time you say "Oh no, it's too big, too hard, too expensive", I say "Fuck off wussy". If we can't, then let's give it back to the indians, and go back to Britain, Ireland and all the rest and admit that the US didn't fail because of ebul terrorist, or teh gayz. It failed because its citizens were too fucking scared to succeed.

-- John Welch on Twitter.