September 14th, 2009

The caucus of grievance. . .

Ayn Rand has convinced many corporate titans and fat-cat wannabes that not only is their ultra-wealth a function of their genius and virtue, but that the government is conspiring to take it all away from them and give it to the poor and the common man, who are by definition ignorant and slothful.

The folks at the protests believe that they are victims of the government who are conspiring to take their materials, well-being and freedoms away from them and give it all away to illegal immigrants and poor people and minorities and Wall-Street.

They are united by a common disdain for people beneath them, but I keep wondering how this caucus is held together since the members of each side does show disdain to the other. All of the protesters rallied by Glenn Beck can't possibly believe themselves to be titans, but thwarted by the evil government.