Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

It looks like someone hacked into Springer's site...

Right now, on the homepage of the Jerry Springer Show, it says that an upcoming episode is "Fixing Exploits". In the episode guide, this handy description of the show appears:

You may think this is nasty to do to someone but I best warn you now rather than later when it's too late. Your security level on your site really sucks. I can login as anyone at anytime using a simple technique. Please fix this. One way to fix it is take the login page and include: striptags($username); striptags($password); $username = str_replace(":","", $username); $username = str_replace("'","", $username); $username = str_replace(")","", $username); $username = str_replace("),"", $username); And do the exact same for the password. Please do not take an offense to this. Think of it as a security issue currently under examination. Regards Your Friend! :)

Someone from TVBarn found it.
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