Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

"Let's invade Mexico"

Richard Clarek appeared on "60 Minutes" tonight. He was the head counter-terrorism guy for Clinton and Bush up to the the terrorist attacks in September 2001. In the first conversations, they wanted to invade Iraq, because there are "a lot of good targets" in Iraq. Clark pretty much said, "It's akin to Roosevelt deciding to invade Mexico because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor". He accuses the Bush Administration for ignoring terrorism for stuff they were obsessed over eight years earlie when they first returned to office -- Iraqi terrorism, rather than Al Qaeda terrorism.  "There hadn't been any Iraqi terrorism in eight years (the assassination attempt on George H. W. Bush). Of course, we had Al Qaeda terrorism as recently at the time as the USS Cole bombing.

I'm currently watching this video on a DVR video delay, and this is more damning than anything I can imagine.  Richard Clarke has been running around trying to get everyone to pay attention until too late.  Things were better under Clinton, where he helped twart an Millennial attack on LA, though he didn't get Clinton go after bin Laden in Afghanistan. However, contrast that with the See No Evil except in Iraq approach with George W. Bush, and, well, Bush should be in jail for advertising fraud when he accuse anyone else of 'Delaying Defending America Against Terrorism.'
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