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Where is Warner?

I'm beginning to wish we had an Arnold Schwarzenegger, not to have to type his name out all the time but to have him bust some heads in the state Senate and House. I can see that the state is heading closer to some sort of budget derailment, with the House and Senate flatly refusing to hear each other out, but Warner, the govorner we have in Virginia seems to have checked out. He's not conjoling, negotiating or actively threatening anybody to do anything. Is his gambit to hope that if everything fails, he can blame the House and be done with it? I don't think that strategy will work. Doesn't Warner remember how he won his campaign? He campaigned as the business technocrat who could get things done. His legacy is on the line, and he is remarkably nonchalant about it.


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Mar. 18th, 2004 01:38 pm (UTC)
All I can really say on behalf of Warner is, it's better to have him as governor than having a Republican in there. But that's it. The guy seems to have almost no political skills, and doesn't even seem to try.

Last fall, it upset me that he didn't go public with his tax reform plans well before the legislative elections, so that people could have based their votes on his plan to some extent. Then there would have been a sense of whether the House was supporting or blocking the wishes of the citizens of Virginia. If it had been the latter, then that would be a powerful rhetorical club for Warner to use to bring any wavering legislators around. And if the former, then Virginia's mess unquestionably becomes the Republicans' problem, and the lack of a solution is theirs as well.
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