Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Virginia Budget Stalemate Produces Worst Simile in a Newspaper Article...

Virginia's General Assembly started over Wednesday and, like a hinky computer that a reboot fails to fix, remained stuck.

Thus begins an article that chronicles the start of the special session of the Virginia Legislature that Governor Mark Warner ordered because of the inability for the two chambers of the legislature to come to terms that, well... Yes, Virginia, the state is broke. Actually, the remarkable thing about this turn of events is despite the recalcitrance of the House of Delegates, which is populated with Stephen Moore/Grover Norquist acolytes, all sides have resigned themselves to raising some form of taxes. In fact, to spite the business community who endorsed Governor Warner's call for income and sales tax hikes, this same House went out of its way to make sure the business community felt the brunt in their plans to hike taxes, something Republicans have long since evangelized against. (I guess I should have begun by stating that both chambers of are Virginia legislature is controlled by Republicans. Mark Warner, governor of Virginia is a Democrat.)

They have until June to come up with a budget plan before the state could be forced to shut down. However, local county governments which are subsidized heavily by the state, thanks in part to the partial repeal of the personal property tax, need to know what will happen before hand so they can craft their budgets. Plus Wall Street is incredibly nervous, and my downgrade the state's credit rating because of this budget uncertainty.
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