Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Thirst is Nothing, Image is Everything.

If George W. Bush and his gang were writing the tagline for Sprite ads, that would be it. Look at his immigration amnesty plan which he announced and promptly orphaned by him. Looking at the specifics, which is to allow guest workers from Mexico a chance to be sponsored for up to six years by somebody to work in America, we could only assume that the goal was to goose his popularity with Hispanic voters, not anger his base for which immigration reform means less immigration, and generally give something to the industries that are notorious for turning a blind eye to hiring illegal workers.

This gambit, which was an attempt to be a 'compassionate conservative' pleased no one. There was no window to citizenship, thus making it unattractive to the immigrants who would realize they would be at the mercy of their sponsors... the people currently hiring them illegally... and of course they wouldn't be guarenteed recourse if their sponsor was less than scrupulous.

The anti-immigration crowd would have none of this, since this is exactly counter to their wishes and expectations.

But if the plan was just to float a balloon to Hispanic voters saying "I feel your pain" but without having to offer anything (as the hope was that he could let it be orphaned without anyone noticing), it failed, according to reporters at the Wall Street Journal.
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