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Delay Defending America...

Looking at the aftermath of the Madrid bombing, and the Spanish election results where the people were concerned that of all the things that the Spanish government did, they may have left a blind eye to fanatical Islamic terrorism, I wonder this:

Currently, there's an ad playing in some states where Bush accuses Kerry of wanting to "delay defending America" against terror. You know, we had to take a lot of resources out of play to wage war against Iraq, and our resources will be tied up there for a long time to come. Much of Al Qaeda is still at large. We've paid little attention to Pakistan, Afghanistan and that whole area. Didn't Bush choose to delay defending America to launch an offensive -- excuse me... preemptive war?

Just a li'l question. Hey John, feel free to use it if you haven't thought of it already.


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Mar. 15th, 2004 02:58 am (UTC)
Somebody in his camp is surely going to at least notice what's being said in the blogsphere on this one; word is they're keeping tabs on that world. (I thought Atrios said it well Saturday. Also follow his Star-Tribune link if you go there, to see what one actual editorial page is saying, amazingly enough.)
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