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The War on Terror Strikes Back...

Very, very interesting that they're saying that the Socialist Party won over the Popular Party because of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's support of the War on Iraq, perhaps at the expense of the War on Terrorism. So he took his eyes off the the pressing problem of terrorism to a side project in Iraq.

I wonder if Jedi Bush felt the disturbance of the force?
Spain's Socialist Party Claims Victory
Elections Come 72 Hours After Worst Terrorist Attacks in Country's History


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Mar. 14th, 2004 04:32 pm (UTC)
My parents and I talked about it yesterday. We agreed that the outcome could be different if the attack was perceived as Al-Qaeda than if it was perceived as ETA. Aznar's party is hardline with ETA, but many people were not happy with Spain's involvement in the war with Iraq, and would vote against the government if the first case was true.

Also, my dad feared that since in Spain political ads are blocked a couple of days before of the elections, the terrorist attack would be used by those in power (government) to indirectly garner some last minute support. It didn't happen, as it turns out, and dad is glad by that.
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