Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Too Lazy to Post...

For what it is worth, I think it is still too hard to post content to the web. In the case of LiveJournal and Movable Type (the two systems I continue to use on this and various sites I contributed to), the main way to post a new writing is to navigate to a gateway page and compose your thoughts on that page. That works OK here for short quick pieces where I don't need to make reference to anything elsewhere on the net. I don't write those pieces.

Much like when I write research papers, I flanked by dozens of notes I want to reference and I should attribute. Unlike when I'm writing papers, I'm not being flanked by index cards and sticky notes and photocopies from big books with passages highlighted in yellow. No, I'm flanked by several browser windows with dozens of tabs open. There's far less space on my desktop monitor or on the (newer, now working, hand-me-down-from-a-friend replacement) laptop for browser windows than there are on my desk for index cards. So, in the course of a day, I will lose one or two articles. I will also be sure to accidently kill the window to the gateway after composing a rather lenghy post. This is probably to be expected.

Of course, I could compose everything in a word processor, where I can save everything before cutting and pasting to the window. Of course, then I'd have to fight it with the HTML codes and the links. But the big thing with the word processor is I'd be so concerned with getting everything written perfectly, my post would be more suitable for those studying anthropology. I've gotten more feedback from posts that I was still writing online than anything that I think looks polished enough to present.

Now, I could use those one of those two cllients LJ has available to download. They're like small word processors, but they make entering tags easier. But they share one flaw of the wordprocessor, which I didn't mention above — I need to download and launch a new program. With all these index cards on my virtual desktop, it's difficult to find the pencil underneath. And when running, we have the multi-window problem, still.

So, what is left as the best solution is an in-browser add-in to post things. Movable Type and Blogger has long had a little 'bookmarklet' of cross-browser JavaScript that launches a small window with your gateway page, and the link of the site you're visiting already in the form. Of course, if you wish to reference multiple links, well, tough.  I know of no such tool for LJ, but I grew fond of Livelizard for Mozilla. Of course, I was more fond of it than the developer... it has pretty much died from neglect. But a successor has been developed — Deepest Sender. It integrates into Mozilla and well, it lowers the barrier to posting here.

What I wish I had, is simply a way to post to the web just by thinking. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this way. Pew did a poll stating most people start and then abandon their journals. That won't change until psychic journaling is invented.
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