Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Gargoyles is returning to TV!

Good news in the cartoon universe for SterlingManor... Gargoyles will return to a channel that is recieved in more than 5 homes.  Disney, the owners of ABC Family and Toon Disney finally realized that "Gargoyles" would fit in better with the like-minded action castoffs from what was once Fox Kids and Fox Family, than it did with the well animated, but generally pedestrian kids shows over at Toon Disney. So to ABC Family it comes, which has the benefit of actually being available in most cable homes.

Actually, Gargoyles is unlike anything else Disney TV Animation has ever done, even up to now. Even at WB Television Animation, which in mirror opposite form focused intently on action, they still produce a comedy or two ("Ozzie and Drix", "Mucha Lucha"). Only recently has Disney toe-tapped back into action-adventure with "Kim Possible", which is largely an action-flavored comedy. (Sort of like "Teen Titans" being a comedy flavored action-adventure show).
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