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Life for a Californian. . .

Mark Evanier: A few minutes later as I went to tip the attendant and get my clean, wet car, it suddenly dawned on me that $29.65 was darn cheap for a full tank of gas and a wash these days. A check of my receipt revealed that I had paid $11.95 for the "Full Service Wash" (their cheapest) and I'd gotten 16.065 gallons of gas @ $1.099. A buck-nine for gas???

I checked the sign out front: Super Unleaded was $2.09 per gallon. I walked over and checked the pumps. They all said $2.09 except for the one my gas had come from, which said $1.09. I pointed this out to the attendant who reacted pretty much the way you'd react if I told you that Martian warriors had landed. There was disbelief. Then there was shock. Then there was all-out horror. Apparently, the pump had been mis-set for days like that. . .

Here, there'd be shock and horror if gasoline approached $2.09 a gallon.