Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

The Perils of Looking for Electibility. . .

Ever since Dean flamed out at the casting of the first vote, I've had a general idea for a piece about why Mickey Kaus' "Feiler Faster Thesis" is bunk. But that piece still sits incomplete in my head, for I am lazy and a terrible blargher. (In fact, if you're reading this because you think it's a good blargh, I'm sorry. I've been polluting your view of them. Go pick a link on the sidebar. Go to here. Read professionals like Josh Marshall or Glenn "Didn't he use to teach a class here on campus?" Reynolds.) Now, the big story is how John Kerry has proven his electibility by winning Virginia and Tennessee. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that from here. Kerry, like Dean before him, hasn't been battle tested by our any-scandal-for-a-story political press corps or by Karl "Dirty Tricks" Rove. Kerry won Virginia and Tennessee and all the primaries and caususes except Iowa by virtue of looking "electable". Electable as in does he look like someone that someone else would vote for. That is the kind of thinking that was prevalant with stocks at the end of the 90s boom. That didn't work out well in the case of the boom.

Thus my wish that Edwards and/or Clark had done better Tuesday night. Kerry seems to be a bubble. A with a glass jaw. The war hero with no clothes. I hope we don't suffer buyer's remorse come nomination day.

And fortunately, I'm out of links. I've run out of metaphors.
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