Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Election Day: General Clark Fakes a Heart Attack. . .

. . .but he is eulogizing his campaign.
"Before I got in this race, it was a one hundred percent certainty I was not going to win the nomination," he says. Even now there is still a non-zero probability of becoming president. Clark thinks the run was worth the gamble. "I knew I was brave enough to do it," he says. "The question is whether I could shape the dialogue better by being in the race or out. Obviously to get to be president of the United States is wonderful. That's what I want. And I certainly ran the race with every intent..." Clark pauses and realizes he has slipped into the past tense, consigning his campaign to history. He corrects himself. "I'm still running with every intent of becoming president. But regardless of that, I'm happy to contribute to the public dialogue. I have to live with myself. I couldn't have lived with myself if I said, 'No, I'm comfortable in business. I'm making more than a million dollars. You know I don't want to risk my business contacts and so forth by getting into the race. You know I might not win. I'm afraid of the stress and the strain.' ... You do what you can in life and you hope things work out the right way."
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