Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Donald Rumsfeld tries Magical Realism...

One possible reason why we haven't found the Weapons of Mass Destruction that was promised by the administration...

[Donald Rumsfeld] offered the possibility that the issue of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction "may have been a charade" orchestrated by the Iraqi government. It is even possible, he said, that Saddam was "tricked" by his own people into believing he had banned weapons that did not exist.

Iraq must be a very magical place if the king could be so gullible that his subjects can fool him on his own military capibility. And yes, this would be in the interest of the subjects, since the king would be more embodened to wage wars even though he probably wouldn't be able to win then when the phantom weapons fail on the battlefield.

Of course, this would justify our phantom Missle Defense system, to protect us from Iraq's phantom weapons.

Note the headline on the piece... "Inspectors Need More Time"

Wouldn't that have prevented us from being in this mess to begin with? Of course, it wasn't like anyone was out there last year trying to suggest that...

..oh, wait.
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