Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Some Like it Hot...

I lost a bet. If someone asked me which network would most likely produce a show where they dared men to dress up and live as women, I would have said Fox.

It's UPN.

OK, it's just a development deal, so it still could wind its way on to Fox, but this is UPN we're talking about. They don't have enough shows to be developing them for another network.

UPN is developing a show called Awfully Pretty, in which several men are dressed up as women by their wives and girlfriends. They then are forced to live together for an extended period (enough days or weeks to make a 13-episode series). The point is for men to appreciate what it feels like to be a woman.

Fox has a show in the works called Playing It Straight, a Bachelorette-type show in which a single girl must determine who among her suitors are gay and straight. The gay guys will try to fool her and win money.

Of course, Fox should be commended... they could have done their show like its British cousin Sky did. Sky produced a show called "There's Something About Miriam" where a number of men tried to woo an attractive young lady. Of course there is a twist. There is always a twist. She is a pre-operative transsexual. She looks very much the woman (see pic in link) but as of the taping of the show (a year ago, I suppose) she has not completed the final step. The final episode would have been when she revealed this fact to him, and thus hilarity would ensue as they would say on the internet. But it didn't. The contestants sued Sky, and Sky pulled the show off the schedule. Perhaps Fox feared such a suit...
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