Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Beep Beep.

Well, they have transitioned us broadband users off Road Runner and onto their in-house system. With new IP addresses and everything. I wonder what Road Runner is going to do with all of that equiptment that they built around here. In fact, their headquarters are in Herndon (known terrorist hangout). They will be the only ones in the Fairfax market surved by their broadband service.

In fact, I do wonder what they do when they cable companies change ISPs like this. Remember when @Home went bankrupt? I'd imagine that it's like when you change phone companies -- or even dial-up ISPs -- but I wonder where the main gateway servers were, and what AOL Time Warner going to do with the excess capacity. They also lost Cox subscribers in Kansas, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. Road Runner is now almost solely a Time Warner affair.

Well, now I'm waiting for my new email address. That doesn't arrive until May 7th.
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