Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Men, draw your breasts right!

More often than not if you're learning anatomy from superhero comics, or more often manga, you're learning to glue cantaloupes to women's chest. If you're learning from Playboy pictorials, again half your models will be enhanced.

Yeah, I'm talking to myself mostly, but a lot of fantasy pin ups done on the internet by aspiring artists are fantastic in the minimal role of gravity.

Again, just talking to myself, here are some links as to how to draw the female torso.
Julie Dillon's tutorial.
Kristen Smirnov's tutorial.

You see, unlike the above two people, I am not a female. Therefore I can not sit in front of a mirror for reference. I'd have to look for and ask a close female friend who isn't shy about nudity, and asking this at 3am from across town would likely strain that close relationship. (Actually thinking about it, my body probably isn't the best reference for the male figure, either. I think this is where I should end the discussion.)

Some day I might want to resume drawing. Some day I might get good enough to not be laughed out of art school.

Sketch 1 PG-13
Sketch 2 PG-13
Sketch 3 G
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