Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Breaking Up is Hard to Do...

It's been a bad month for Disney Animation, and well, nothing represents Disney more than animation. A few weeks back, Disney went through with the threat and closed their famed Florida animation studios within the Disney-MGM portion of their Disney World themepark. And yesterday, negotiations with Pixar fell through, freeing the company to look for a better deal elsewhere. Potential suitors for Pixar include Warner Bros, which had already decimated their feature animation department through ineptitude, though they are surprisingly successful with their TV properties, particularly with shows inspired by DC Comics titles. Also looking are Fox, whom last got burned in animation by Titan AE, and Sony, who should do whatever it takes to prevent the release of the next Final Fantasy CG feature film.

All said, if Michael Eisner gets to keep his job after all of this, there is no hope for the company!
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