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Corrections: Washington Post Style

I shall adopt the corrections policy of The Washington Post. That policy is to avoid issuing corrections if at all possible. Instead, hide corrections by publishing letters to the editor (frequently, the "Free for All" section). (I will not hide the link from the front page as say Dan Gillmor has done in regards to a posting.)

With that in mind, here is my "Free for All" entry.
You're probably not aware that Stuber is nuts and has a penchant for making stuff up. Or that this story is over a year old. read the comments on this version of the article. Not sure where people get the idea that their political party is part of the airline reservations process -- they usually just want my credit card number. But if one is a loudmouth and acts like an asshole in airports, yeah, they're gonna detain you.

Life is really quite simple sometimes.
New York, NY