Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Grover Norquist is nuts...

Occassionally, Richard Cohen has something interesting to say. Quite frequently Grover Norquist says something bizarre or stupid. Richard Cohen heard Grover Norquist compare taxing multimillionare estates to the Holocaust. Of course this happened months ago, but I missed it too. If a inattentive college student missed the remark, how can you expect a prominent columist for the nation's #2 newspaper to stumble upon it.

Anyway, however Cohen ran into the remark, he at least got a good paragraph out of it.

[T]he moral equivalency Norquist concocts is his own -- and it speaks volumes about the morality of anti-tax Republicans [see: The Club for Growth, Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform]. To them, the rich owe nothing -- just like the poor, they would say. (The difference between rich and poor escapes them.) This is unbridled selfishness in the guise of ideology and makes wealth the moral equivalent of ethnicity or religion or even sexual preference. To Norquist, distinguishing between rich and poor is like making a selection at Auschwitz. It not only trivializes the Holocaust, it collapses all moral distinctions.
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