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Faith-Based Emissions Reduction

You gotta have faith that industry will perform some self-sacrifice. I'm not a religious man.

Two years after President Bush declared he could combat global warming without mandatory controls, the administration has launched a broad array of initiatives and research, yet it has had little success in recruiting companies to voluntarily curb their greenhouse gas emissions, according to official documents, reports and interviews.

At the heart of the president's strategy is "Climate Leaders," a program that recruits the nation's industrial polluters to voluntarily devise ways to curb their emissions by 10 percent or more in the coming decade. . .

Only a tiny fraction of the thousands of U.S. companies with pollution problems -- 50 in all -- have joined Climate Leaders, and of the companies that have signed up, only 14 have set goals. Many of the companies that are volunteering say they did so either because reducing emissions makes good economic sense or because they were being nudged by state and federal regulators.

Many of the companies with the worst pollution records have shunned the voluntary programs because even a voluntary commitment would necessitate costly cleanups or possibly could set the stage for future government regulation, according to industry insiders.

Bush claimed he could get a 18% cut in emissions after a decade. Critics counter he'd be thankful to get a 2% cut. The lack of enthusiasm he's gotten so far from industry over this seems to prove the critics right.


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Jan. 1st, 2004 04:36 am (UTC)
Yeah, I saw that story this morning. Looks like this program was simply a stall tactic on behalf of GWB's friends in industry. The Prez says, "We've got this voluntary program that will reduce emissions contributing to global warming." The corporations say to themselves, "Now we can stall for another few years, and when they start making us do something for real, we'll be working from 2007 emissions levels instead of 2001 numbers."

One of these days, a Dem is going to put the entire list together, of all the major ways Bush has lied to us, or has BSed us and stalled us to protect his corporate buddies at our expense, and roll it into one furious speech. And people will start to catch on that it's not one thing here and one thing there; what's going on is an Administration-led attack on the American people.
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