Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

"They have the expertise. At this point, we need that expertise."

That expertise consisted of buying too-expensive fuel, and marking up that price, and being unable to provide clean kitchens. Of course that means Halliburton was the perfect company to be awarded the contract to provide gas to Iraq among other things. Of course the stench of war profiteering was too overpowering for even those asleep at the wheel to ignore, thus they are now looking for other suppliers to provide over-priced gasoline to Iraq. Of course, nobody will say such a thing...
The Pentagon said yesterday that it will end an arrangement with Halliburton Co. to import fuel to Iraq, a contract that had been criticized by government auditors and Democratic members of Congress.

A military unit that already supplies fuel to the armed forces in Iraq will assume control of the import and distribution of gasoline, kerosene and cooking gas into the country and will find new private contractors through competitive bidding, the Defense Energy Support Center announced.

Pentagon officials said that the change had been under discussion for months and that the timing was not related to allegations that KBR, the Halliburton subsidiary that held the contract, had overcharged the government at least $61 million by buying more expensive fuel from Kuwait instead of Turkey.

Of course, any other deals with Halliburton will remain in place until there are any other revelations of fleecing by them...
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