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Damn you! Damn you all!
Damn you, Florida!
Damn you, Voldemort!
Damn you, Dobby!

The bizarre spectacle of Steve Spurrier's resignation, and self-same denials of said resignation, followed by his admission of his resignation, is the perfect cap to Washington DC's football season. Yes, Steve Spurrier ran... hightailed it to Florida under cover of darkness, and left it up to his agent to tell the boss he quit. Then he denied it when reporters called, only to have to retract those denials minutes later. There's something to be said for a man who can't even manage to quit his job without that very act to become bungled. I don't expect anything less from Florida.

I stopped caring about the team two years ago, yet this can't go unmocked. The man never even bothered to learn the names of members of the team's defense. He never seemed to be too invested in the team's success or failures.

Maybe I'm being too tough on him. He probably didn't know that the pros are a league of their own... everything is bigger: heads, egos, etc. Being Mr. Nice Guy couldn't work. The team needed direction. Spurrier was unable to provide it. Unfortunately, now Washington will be mired in yet another "rebuilding" year. The road to Demascus just keeps getting longer.


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Dec. 31st, 2003 01:08 am (UTC)
He wasn't considered Mr. Nice Guy at UF. Zook (the current coach) is seemed as Mr. Nice Guy, compared to Spurrier.
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