Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Sterling Junk...

It's that time of year again... where I try to sell my junk to pay a bill. I can't have Guido break my kneecaps... I sold those to Verizon to keep phone access.

I'm not chinzy enough yet to slap a paypal button on the site and say something like "if you really, really love me, you send me those dead presidents"... though I reserve the right to hypocritically change my position on the turn of a dime and go all "Save Karyn" on you. But I am chinzy enough to hock some wares that no one really wants so I feel less broke.

Anyway, I've been wanting to get rid of this scanner, but I was planning on takingit to a pawn-broker. I might get $40 or so, if I was lucky. But eBay was doing its "no listing fee" special, so I rushed a quick scan of the box (the scanner does prove useful -- I have no digital camera to photograph it) and plopped it online as quickly as possible.

Its' an old thing... 1998 or '99, and it needs a patch to run under Win 2000 or XP (which I downloaded already, and will burn to CD if necessary), but it's good and reliable if you need to get some pictures or documents computerized.

But if this thing doesn't sell, I'll stop by a pawn shop.

The scanner auction...

If I get any money from this thing, I'll probably buy myself some kitchenware... My plans on moving hit a minor stumble when I discovered I have no relatives to "borrow" kitchenware from. I could eat on the floor, but that becomes difficult with carpeting and spaghetti and tomato sauce.
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