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Are we taking educational reform inspiration from Houston? Education Trust says so...

Md., Va. Graduation Rates Questioned

Maryland and Virginia may be significantly overstating the percentage of their high school students who are graduating in four years, the Washington-based research firm Education Trust said yesterday.

Both Maryland and Virginia reported an 85 percent graduation rate, in each case 11 percentage points above Greene's estimate. The Education Trust report blamed federal officials for confusing the issue by giving a different definition of graduation rates on the form states must fill out than the definition contained in the law.

A Maryland schools spokesman said the state's calculation was approved by federal officials. A Virginia schools spokesman said its earlier figure was the result of the erroneous language on the federal form, and the revised figure is 79.9 percent.

Is this a counting problem, or is there deliberate fudging going on?


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Dec. 24th, 2003 09:52 pm (UTC)
"fudging" nothing. it's called "fucking lying" is what it's called.
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