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Love Ain't in the Air

Those of you who've been following my posts on Florida -- denoted by the "Welcome to Florida" graphic stolen shamelessly from the NYTimes (note: I really need to find/make a smaller Florida icon) -- would have read about the strange case of the "sex flight" that was hijacked to Cuba by its passengers, but disappeared off of Key West. I know what you are wondering -- sex flight?


This plane was flown by a company to offer sightseeing tours and to offer passengers the ability to join the "mile-high club".

Well, all of you amorous couples, I have bad news for you. The company is out of business. It seems that the debacle with the Hispanic couple hijacking the plane, plus the entire concept of sex at 45,000 feet is just a little too much for the insurance people to handle. The case of what exactly happened is still open with the FBI, because there isn't any evidence to prove or disprove this story. Only the pilot survived. But since this is Florida we're talking about, it's likely true.

And in more Florida/airplane news, a man stabs his brother after the brother's toy wind-up airplane hits him causing him to spill coffee. His brother subsequently dies.