Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Mark Evanier on Dungeons and Dragons

Well, it's fortunate that I made note of the D&D eBay auction while it was up at News from Me. It appears that MT repairs have caused all writings that was handcoded into the page to disappear. Hopefully it is only temporary.

Anyway, for anyone interested, here is the story of how Evanier wound up working on the D&D pilot.

Here's the opener...
Phil Mendez is a wildly-funny cartoonist who has designed -- often without ample credit -- a number of hit animation shows and features.

Phil is the guy -- this story is legendary -- who moved his desk into the restroom at Hanna-Barbera. While he was working there, he was promoted to some title that entitled him to a proper office, only they didn't give him one right away. They left him in one of their little cubicles with the portable room dividers. (At Hanna-Barbera, the walls often moved more than the cartoons.)

After several requests when unheeded, Phil simply added the letters "DEZ" to the sign on the men's room door and moved in his drafting table. H-B execs would walk in to use the facility, see Phil sitting there drawing, and make quick U-turns out to find another john.

Finally, they ordered him to vacate, whereupon Phil posed the question of how it would look to the industry if word got out that Hanna-Barbera's highest-ranked black employee had been working in the men's room...and had even been thrown out of there. He was assigned a real office within the hour.

How can you not read a story with that open?

Plus, ME should be happy... with just under four days to go, the current bid is $76 for the script.
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