Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

The D&D TV Show Bible and Pilot...

Some twenty years ago, Mark Evanier wrote pilots and series guides (called bibles) for three Saturday morning cartoon shows. All of which got sold 'to some extent' as he said. One to NBC, one to ABC and one to CBS. The NBC one got pushed aside for a Mr. T show they were trying to get earlier. Evanier took his name off the ABC one. The CBS one however had a pretty successful three season run... that show was "Dungeons and Dragons". Somehow or another that script and bible he wrote has wound up in an auction over at eBay. (He goes into more detail on his website. Somehow, the Movable Type program broke down, so therefore no permanent links. Just look for the screenshot from the cartoon.)

I never watched the show in question, and my only interest in the show is that several writers from that show (not Evanier, however) did go on to write for a show I do enjoy immensly -- Gargoyles.
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