Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Dog Day Afternoon Day II: Who's that Sterling out the window? The one who is freezing his tail?

Sparky is proud of himself, today. He taught himself a new trick... tricking pup-sitter Sterling into running outside in the cold, miserable rain. Basically, the trick entails making plenative whimpering sounds while he looks down the staircase to the basement. Pup-sitter designate Ster then heads down the stairs into the basement, and over to the glass-door separating the cold, cruel winter from the warmth of the house. Sparky motions to the door, indicating he wants a tree stump and or fire-hydrant. So I open the door, waiting for him to come out to take care of business. Of course, he manages as far as nose out to window before thinking, "perhaps I can hold it in until summer". With that he runs upstairs, spins three times and lie down, until nature calls and leaves another message asking for his assistance in supplying the ground with more all-natural fertilizer.

It's day two, and already I broken my promise I made to myself to post here at check in time. This morning, I actually arrived at 9am, you know to make up for departing earlier than planned. I needed to make sure Sparky, Tornado or the other kings and queens of the house didn't launch some sort of cartoony animal party. There're thousands of DVDs here. I'm sure one of them is a Merry Melody or a Silly Symphony about anthromorphic pets who rock-on after their masters leave town.

Anyway, I think I'll just do one post a day, whenever I feel like it.

Even then, I arrived later than expected... the main road I live on was closed 1/2 mile up because someone crashed into a utility pole, which promptly caugth fire as though in an action movie. I could guess the driver was speeding and lost control of the vehicle. The roads are slick, possibly icy. There was road and streetscape construction occuring in the area. Lanes were narrowed and shifted abruptly from their normal course.The street was repaved with a temporary type of pavement that is lumpy and uneven. The conditions practically beg one to drive 60mph.

Thus that left me with one option .. the dreaded Beltway northbound toward I-66. At 8am in rain and fog, you'd be lucky to average 6mph. So I put my driving time on the beltway to good use... I caught up on sleep. Now, that may not be the right choice for other drivers... you may choose to read, or maybe you'd rather put on your makeup or shave. That's your right. Just never get so low as to choose to pay attention to the road. Such suspicious behavior could get you arrested by the state police... and they don't like it when you interrupt their cruising/video-game playing time.
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