Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Scene 4: Mission Accomplished. Take Two. and action...

Today's bit of insta-cynicism was brought to you by Scott Rosenberg, writer for Salon who takes pen to paper about as frequently as I do here. (The only thing more amazing than that is that this little asylum the four of you stumbled to read has loaded faster than his page over at Salon is. . . I'm still waiting!) Rick Jones and wife Heather were not impressed with President Warrior's supersecret special surprise visit to Iraq for Thanksgiving giblets.

Interesting comment in that post notes that Hillary Clinton had planned to be in Iraq that weekend since back in September...and of course let the administration know about it back then. I note that because my favorite columnist Mickey Kaus slams Hillary for doing this as a naked PR-stunt. That's an echo that I read a lot over the web.

Should I get cynical enough to think that getting replacement video for the "Mission Accomplished" tape was closer to number 3 or 5 on the list of benefits of the Holiday Greetings trip, as opposed to near the bottom, with the glancingly incidental benefits ("9 hours to catch up on some reading")?
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