Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

. . .and leeches draw out the poison.

Andrew Sullivan may be an intelligent man, but he uses that brain power to say some extremely stupid things. His latest musing is the Administration is purposely encouraging terrorists and enemies of America to attack us in Iraq -- and this is a good thing. As he quotes a general "This is what I would call a terrorist magnet, where America, being present here in Iraq, creates a target of opportunity... But this is exactly where we want to fight them. ...This will prevent the American people from having to go through their attacks back in the United States."
He has yet to dismiss or even counter the most obvious flaw in this plan -- the unsupported conceit that terrorists can't prioritize resources. Or that all of their goals align in such a way that attacking troops in Iraq is the best bang for their explosive buck. If your cause is to cripple or destroy Israel, would it make a lot of sense to pack up to Iraq and fight against American troops?

"Now they have a theater of war - and it isn't the West Bank."
As a reader of another webpage pointed out. . . it's like saying "by creating a dirty hospital, we're going to create a place where we can fight the germs on our terms."

But if I ever do get sick, don't ever take me to the Andrew Sullivan Emergency Hospital.
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