Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Categorizing America.

I've noticed that I have yet to tell you anything about myself or my interests on these LiveJournal pages. I know that my readership out there (A total of eight by my last count) want to know more about me -- what I do in leisure, what I read, what my interests are. I could just straight out and tell you, but I believe it would be more fun to let the market researchers do it for me. The researchers, in particular, are a group called Claritas.

According to them, I'm a middle class Hispanic. I drink espresso, weight-train, watch Nick at Nite, and read Us magazine. It's like looking in a mirror!

I first came across this group in an not too flattering article Wash. Post Mag article by Gene Weingarten. Four days later, John Scalzi pens a piece for his site, about it. Both say that even though Claritas, in the words of Weingarten, "claims to know so much about who inhabits each group that it can tell what magazines they read, what foods they eat, what TV shows they watch, how they exercise, where they go on vacation and how much money they borrow," managed to get it colossally wrong in their cases.

Now, noting that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that I'm nothing more than a mimic when it comes to writing, and that I'm already running out of ideas for this 4 month old site (I refuse to succumb to making this site a depository for quizzes.), I decided this was in interesting toy to play with. I decided to see who I am according to Claritas.

You can do this, too! Just click here and type in your ZIP code. For my zip code, they came up with these five categories of people (they limit results to the five most likely, I believe), each with their own cutsy marketing type names. Thus we have...

Therefore, if you ask them who I was, I could be a member of the super rich where my family income is about $136,000 and SterlingManor is really a manor, and not an euphamism. I could summer in Eastern Europe (and actually use summer as a verb), and rant about MPT's firing of Louis Rukeyser from Wall Street Week.

Or I could be a blue-collar worker, who reads Us magazine and watches Nick at Nite. You can't get results like that from Madam Cleo.
In the neighboring Zip code we have groups like Old Yankee Rows whose distinguishing characteristic is that they "[b]elieve ad campaigns". That is opposed to Money and Brains whom like to watch The X-Files even though it has begun to suck.
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