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Just some reading texts...

The Hill's token liberal Josh Marshall says after war restructuring may be hampered by a humane war.

He also has miscellaneous thoughts on the war.
The fun graft...
Despite the certainty of war, this administration remains divided about the purpose and aftermath of this war. One camp sees this as a fairly limited, surgical effort to get rid of Saddam, put a reasonably democratic government in its place and then move on. Another camp sees this as only a first step. After this comes Iran, Syria, perhaps also Southern Lebanon, and more. And I don't mean calling them names. I mean, taking them out.

That camp in the administration would like to prosecute this war in such a way as to invite those further confrontations.

Those are the people I don't want in charge of this. They're begging for a WWIII to reshape the Middle East in their image. They fear a democratic Middle East even more than what exists now, because the populace would probably vote in favor of the Fundamental Islamist. Especially after this war.

He also explains how the administration deceived the UN in the intention of resolution 1441, one of many things to hurt our alliances worldwide. As does Paul Glastris

And if you haven't, you may as well read this from Newsweek by Fareed Zakaria. Especially Part III, where the Neocon love of unilateralism is driving our friends to dissent. James Mann says the same in a shorter piece in the Washington Post.

And for me to read later -- this Point/Counterpoint between Brian Eno and Chris Cadwell in Time Europe

And just pieces here from Scott Rosenberg in Salon about this war, and a response to rebuttals (including the popular Hitler analogy). (The part that doesn't require you to slog through a Flash advertisement.)

I'm linking to all this because I can, and this is a complex issue that I've only minimally resolved in my mind to where I am. I'm against Saddam, want to see him gone, believe that military action may be the only way to achieve this, but am against the way Bush played this game since day one. (...likely September 11th, 2001 when Saddam was targeted as the perpetrator of the terrorist attacks. Does it matter that evidence points against this? Not really, since 45% of Americans think Saddam had a role in the Al Qaeda plot -- 51% according to CNN/USA Today/Gallup.)
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