Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Stuff I forgot in the previous post...

This is what I get for not pre-outlining stuff before I type. There was a forgot several bullets in my bullet point list downstairs. (Bullet points are difficult in LJ and HTML, anyway!)

  • During that week in February, the rest of the punditsphere has been talking about The Bell Curve. I've been reading up on it myself to see why it is so messed up, and to see why it is s compelling to some. (I'm thinking of some disciples of the Rushton school of genetics.) As it is my job to be a month late and a point short, I'd like to throw in my two bits.

  • Should parents consider less ethnic names for their children. (A study says that with, all else equal, employers will less likely consider resumes with stereotypical black names than resumes with stereotypical white names. I think I'm safe in regards to that. I fear that my general contempt for work and love of procrastination will be my impediment.)

  • My lament that I forgot my camera at the nude protests here, earlier.

  • Links to naked girls to make up for not getting the above protest on film.

  • A list of places in this world I want to visit before I die.

  • And schools I dream I could go to if I had the smarts and can move away from here. (with the game "Be Sterling's Counselor.")

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