Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

It's the one billion, eighty three million dollar question?

In honor of Brad DeLong, this is my economics question for the year.
Is there actually this much money in sub-Sahara Africa?

With this being someone’s sick twisted idea of a joke, over the past week I've gotten 4 emails from various supposed nationals from Africa who seem to have lots of money, but amazingly enough no bank account to hold it in. (They had to know that I was broke!) Actually the last three came within a span of four days. The amounts range from 21 million to 1.3 billion dollars. It's like a virus in the wild, mutating and reinfecting my Inbox.

I hope the senders of the above emails know it could be dangerous to his well-being.

(The number in the title come from adding the amounts in each of the letters:
45 million, 1 billion, 21 million, and 7.3 million.)
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