Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Fun with Google

My relative anonymity on the net affords me some nice comforts. I can typically throw stones without fear of retaliation. I can mock the blargosphere without fear of pencilwhipping. I can even go on sabbatical without having to explain myself, though I don't have to explain myself because nobody cares about my corner of the world.

Though being very obscure means being isolated in the world. Using Google to find this page is pretty useless. Google has indexed about three pages of this journal, back in October 2002, and left it at that.

That said, because I'm just slightly googled, whatever entries that do appear under my screen name (Not Sterling North, author of Rascal. Not Bruce Sterling, author of Tomorrow Now), you get some interesting results. First up, after the three of you are done reading this site, where would Google tell you to go? What pages does Google think is similar to mine? Let's find out!

Search Parameters
Find pages similar to ""

Well, good news is that Bill O'Reilly's site is not suggested. I won't have to commit seppuku. Anyway, the next suggested site for you to go is Economist Brad DeLong's Journal.
How that has happened, I don't know. I've never seen a hundred dollar bill in person.
Nonetheless, I do like reading him. Just don't expect this level of stupidity when you go up there. He's a professional.
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