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Welcome to Florida! Not yet have I completely unpacked, nor dug myself out from our twenty inches of snow, but I find myself looking down south, to Florida. I'm pulling out the graphic from storage on account of Florida's stupidest law, which I've called the Scarlet Letter Law. A year or two ago, Florida lawmakers decreed that Florida women who wanted to place their children up for adoption had to make a good faith effort to find and notify the father. That's fine and dandy, but if she was unable to locate the biological father, she must publish in the newspaper her sexual history, under the auspices that, of the thousands of people reading the paper, the father may stumble upon the ad. Continuning on, that this father, who kept so in touch with the mother and children that she couldn't find him and was forced to advertise her sexual history, will jump at this chance to prove how good a father he is.

In the archives, I said more about this law, if you feel like doing some research. I think I even said (in comments) that this would make abortions more attractive. But if I didn't, I'll say it now. Anyway, this law is going to court, and the state attorney general doesn't even think the law is worth defending.

You can read more on this from the wire reports from Reuters.

LATE UPDATE: My entry and lengthy debate from the archives.