Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Anonymous Tips -- Dirty Tricks

My first day back to writing and already I'm getting anonymous tips from commenters. I think I may have gotten this from an irate libertarian in my post about Bill O'Reilly yesterday. Especially odd, since the post was more of a slur against the Republican Party. (Or it could be O'Reilly himself, though why he wouldn't want to aquit himself, but rather indite others is a mystery to me.)

They are excerpts from pieces alleging dirty tricks done by the major political parties. One is from a piece written by Seth Gitell for the Boston Phoenix alleging Al Gore's campaign pulled a dirty trick in New Hampshire against Bill Bradley.

According to Gitell, Gore's team engineered a traffic jam in order to make it difficult for voters to get to the polls. An interesting claim, but I wish Gitell got some on the record quotes or at least some names to back this up. The only name in the article in regards to traffic jamming story is Michael Whouley's, chief strategist for Gore, but just that he commented for the book Campaign for President: The Managers Look at 2000. No quotes from the book, either. The only on the record quote is from state rep Buckley, telling people to get themselves out door to door.

That said, I can't dismiss this claim out of hand, so I'm asking anyone out there if they have any corroborating information on this. Seth leaves too many questions unanswered.

The next allegation, has a bit more concrete evidence, since someone had resigned over this. Josh Marshall is all over this one and he promises more information will appear on Talking Points at any moment, now. Anyway, the news so far is that a Chuck McGee, Exec. Director of the New Hampshire GOP resigned because of his involvement in a scheme jamming the phone lines against the Democratic Party's 'get out the vote' effort, on election day 2002. There's very little that I can add to this than what Marshall has already said on this.
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