Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

What I wish my journal is like...

Or: Whatever happened to Suck?

Greg Beato has a funny and insightful webjournal (yes, it's a losing battle, but I won't say 'blargh'!) at Soundbitten. They called him St. Huck. He's probably the only one to not get sucked into the libertarian vortex over at Reason Magazine. (What if it is part of their evil plan? Lure me to their website with humor, and brainwash me into chanting "Free minds. Free markets.")

If you need more encouragement, here are my two favorite freelance pieces of his -- Bill O'Reilly vs. Hip Hop (and related O'Reilly vs. Ludacris) and the Secret History of Glenn (Instapundit) Reynolds!
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